cardboard IBC Totes
  A far superior shipping method of liquid food products than steel drums.
image of cardboard totes
  • Supplied with optional 110vac or 230vac heater pads to liquefy solidified product in cold climates.
  • They cost the same as steel drums including the heaters.

  • The supplier and customer gets 2,100 KG more product into a container.

  • A 20ft container holds twenty Totes so 20,000 Liters, 18,300 KG of product instead of the average of 15,200 when using steel drums.

  • Only twenty Totes to fill and handle, instead of eighty drums per 20ft container.

  • Seven containers of Totes hold 128,100 KG as opposed to eight containers of drums which hold 121,600 KG. Thus saving on shipping costs.
  • Easy to recycle and dispose of and are more environmentally friendly than drums.
  • Easy emptying with purpose made tap at the bottom.
  • Can be stacked four high in the warehouse
    when full.
  • Sterile and free of any metal so no rust issues.
  • Food safe and Kosher certified for all liquid
    food products.
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